4 T Light Cylinder
30L x 6.6D cm
5459 $9.50

2 T Light Cylinder
21L x 6.6D cm
5457 $6.40

Display Mirror 20cm
5102 $10.50

Battery Led Lights
10 x 3mm 3 x AAA
8670 $11.00




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Wooden Curls can be used to decorate all types of centerpieces by adding a touch of colour to your theme, a filler for vases, Tealights or Scatters for your tables.
See our gallery for ideas...

       Aqua                  Aqua Sand             Aqua & Choc

    Fuschia                   Banksia                 Verigated

    Black               Autumn Leaves           Chocolate
   Natural                     Veri                   Hawaiian

$8.20 per bag (50grms)
This is plenty for 3 - 4 tables with an even scatter.
Other Colours available... Please ask!
 New items being added every day.

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