Slide Shows by Lisa Cooper


Contact: Lisa Cooper


My Love of designing slideshows has grown from years of designing cards, scrapbooks, slideshows and gifts for family and friends....   

Happily, from this, a new and innovative business has been born. My business gives me the opportunity to be part of the lives of many people by designing slideshows for their loved ones... I take pride in the fact that my choice of designs and words of inspiration have captured the emotions of my clients.

I would really enjoy working with you to produce something (at an affordable price) that will delight your friends and family...

I dont believe you should have to pay an inflated price for a slideshow just cause its for a wedding so.... if you would like a professional slideshow that captures the sentiment and feeling of your special day without the high price tag, then feel free to contact me via email.

Remember you are only limited by your imagination!!        






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